Embroidered Chikan Sarees – Identity of Indian Culture

“Saree is the main symbol of Indian culture and it symbolizes the true Indian culture.” Indian fashion designers have come up with so many different styles of sarees like bridal sarees, embroidered chikan sarees, plain sarees, fashion sarees which they use to wear in different events like award functions and wedding events of all standards. Designers have now brought saree to a whole new level and created different styles of sarees for today’s women to wear in all occasions and events. Designers keep styling the saree according to the fashion and make new collections for women who love to wear saree at any occasion or event. Saree is a part of Indian culture and is very comfortable and adaptable dress, every women in India loves to wear saree as a garment. Besides, it has a decent value and Indian designers have expanded its utility.

embroidered sarees


Embroidered chikan sarees are recognized by their fabrics which have been used in and the type of chikankari embroidery which has been done on that particular fabric. Some of the fabrics which are most demanded and famous amongst the renowned fashion designers are silk, crepe, chiffon and georgette. Each material mentioned here has its own value. By wearing georgette, chiffon and crepe sarees, women looks slimmer and holds close the body fine, whereas, the silk sarees are recognized for their royal look.

Different embroideries which have been applied to the designer sarees to make them more beautiful are Zardozi Embroidery, Kantha Embroidery, Chikankari Embroidery and Mirror Embroidery. Mirror work is very popular and in fashion nowadays. Zardozi Embroidery is basically done with gold and silver zari threads. Sarees with zardozi embroidery looks fabulous and gives a rich and royal look. Basically, it is done on silk, crepe, brocade and velvet fabrics. Kantha Embroidery is an embroidery of West Bengal. It is a running style of a stitch. Different types of patterns like jaal, folk life designs, dhanchori, etc. are done in Kantha embroidery. Chikankari Embroidery of Lucknow is most famous embroidery of Uttar Pradesh and speciality of Lucknow Culture. Chikankari sarees are now high in demand and people from different locations come to Lucknow to buy Chikankari sarees. This is an authentic style of embroidery and basically done on various types of fabrics like cotton, linen nylon, georgette, chiffon and synthetic fabrics. There are many types of stitches used to make beautiful chikankari embroidery like chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, French knots and running stitch. Nazrana Chikan is one of the oldest production houses of authentic Lucknow chikankari.